Effectively Combat Private Corruption

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Effectively Combat Private Corruption.Private corruption will be regulated in the penal code Private corruption is now punishable only if it causes distortions of competition within the meaning of the law on unfair competition. In the absence of a classical competitive situation, acts of corruption between individuals are not repressed. This circumstance is increasingly being discussed in the light of the facts of corruption found in international sports federations. This is why private bribery must be regulated in the penal code and must no longer depend on a situation of competition. For example, acts of corruption committed in the attribution of the organization of major sports events must be punishable.Private corruption will be prosecuted ex officio. Under the law in force, private corruption is prosecuted only if the injured party files a complaint. To prosecute it ex officio is to take account of the fact that it is in the interest of all the population to be consistent in the prosecution of cases of private bribery. Private corruption can be detrimental to public health and safety when it comes to activities in these areas. In parallel with the amendments concerning private corruption, the Federal Council proposes to extend the scope of the standard on bribery of public officials. Corrupt behavior must be punishable in all cases, including when it is not the agent himself who receives the money, but a third party, such as a sports club. Lons Insurrance Mortgage Attomey Software Recovery Credit Lawer Donate Degree Hosting Claim Conference Call Trading Tranfer Gas/Electricity Classes Rehab Treatment Cord Blood.auto insurance price quotes,ca automobile insurance,buy car insurance online, life insurance comparison quotes,Medical,Healt.