UN calls Trump to order on refugee issue

UN calls Trump to order on refugee issue.The US president has signed several decrees limiting the granting of visas and the reception of refugees. Two institutions are asking him to revise his position. France said she was “worried”.He wasted no time. As he promised during his campaign, Donald Trump signed several decrees in his first week at the White House limiting the granting of visas and the reception of refugees in the United States. Decrees that allow the president to dispense with the approval of the Congress, even if the latter can attempt to overthrow the executive order by introducing a law to annul it (by risking a presidential veto).Temporary suspension of refugees: Donald Trump signed a temporary ban of about four months of access to the United States for many refugees. This is what the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) are reacting to. The two institutions recalled in a statement issued Saturday morning that “the needs of refugees and migrants around the world have never been greater” and that “the American resettlement program is one of the most important in the world” . They called on Donald Trump to maintain it, recalling that refugees are fleeing wars and persecutions. 25,000 refugees were hosted in the United States between October and the end of the year under the UNHCR-led programs.”They claim to be a democratic country and this is not the case,” said Ibtissam Youssef al-Faraj, a Syrian refugee from the Libyan camp of Bekaa, whose reaction was gathered by the Washington Post. “But that they forbid us to enter or not, what can the Syrian people do?”, Also wonders Abu Mahmoud al-Ghoul.